About Ejaybee Bookkeeping & Accounts

Ejaybee Bookkeeping and Accounts was founded by Ethlyn Johnson-Bellot 10 years ago.  Ethlyn has been a bookkeeper for the last 15 years and a wealth of experience has been built up since she started her career. Through her wealth of experience Ethlyn has worked in a variety of sectors such as Construction, Accountancy, a Bookkeeping Bureau and Retail. They all varied in sizes but predominantly were small to medium sized companies.

Her knowledge and skills have been supported with qualifications gained from reputable institutes such as AAT, Sage and Microsoft Applications to progress and enhance her ability to be multifunctional in this sector of accounts.

She knows all too well about the pitfalls and accolade that it takes to run your own business. Ejaybee Bookkeeping and Accounts was like having a second job to her but so much harder, especially as she was the founder.
Ethlyn knows that the pressures of running your own business can be enormous and there are times when accounting is put to the bottom of the priority list as everything else comes first.

Good planning is the key behind any successful business and out-sourcing your bookkeeping makes sense. This will help take some of the stress away, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on what you do best.